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Facebook program for PC

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In response to a request by one of our visitors requests page software ("I want a Facebook with laptop without traffic jam"), which you also request or explain him and by placing a comment at the bottom of the page-click here to enter the page requests for programs.


Facebook Pro is a browser for Facebook just so that you can get notifications, messages, friendship requests, etc. But what sets it apart from other browsers (Google chrome, Firefox) is an advanced protection for your data on Facebook and the program keeps your online until you yourself signed out, and Facebook Pro makes the owners of vulnerable device to browse Facebook without problems so that it does not consume large resources such as browser.

!!! == > Added: If you share your computer with other people in your home, you can use Folder Hider Wise to hide it from sight.

About the program:

License: free
Version: 3.2
Size: 1.2 MB
Compatibility: all versions of Windows

Click here to download Facebook Pro
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